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Real good friends are the ones who jump into a freezing waterhole with you

It’s always nice to have surprise visitors but it’s even better when it’s one of those people close to your heart. Rob is one of them and I was delighted to hear he’d be in Auckland over the weekend and come out to Piha for a visit before I leave. We only spent twenty-four hours together and these were as usual a treat for the soul – completely being yourself and relaxing in each others company. Rob and me have a long history of bush walking together so of course we had to head out on another adventure…. Our destination wasn’t a proper bush walk but rather  just following up a stream in Piha and fighting our way through enormous plants to find a waterhole called the coffin (because of its shape). When I suggested jumping in I knew that Rob was thinking exactly the same thing and wouldn’t say no to a refreshing waterfall dip. It was cold – yes, but so worth it. Another moment to add to our history of amazing adventures and …

A home away from home

After a long and sad good-bye from dog Ruby I drove down the West Coast to New Plymouth last night, an absolutely scenic drive – especially along the Awakino River and the Arorangi Scenic Reserve – accompanied by another stunning sunset. Rob lives in New Plymouth and it was a great opportunity to visit his family on my way down south. Warm welcoming hugs and a delicious roast awaited me and I also got some advice for my crochet project as Rob’s Mum is a savvy knitter. And I got to spend some time with the lovely cat Mog (which helped a lot easing my pain over missing Ruby). After a warm night under two duvets I was treated with lush porridge and coffee this morning and given tupperware that contains my lunch for the drive down to Wellington today. I seriously reconsider marrying Rob now. Thanks to the whole family for having me and making me feel so welcome at your house – hope I can return all that hospitality one day.

A long weekend with Rob: Walking, talking and great food

I still owe you guys a report from last weekend here in New Zealand. That’s probably an update most of you are curious about as it involves former boyfriend Rob. And from all the messages and mails I got from you since launching this blog I can assure you that THE most frequently asked question is: How are things with Rob these days? To cut a long story short and disappoint all of you: The love story is over since a while and Rob and me are just good friends now. Even fantastic friends I would say.  Enough words – here’s what we’ve been up to in pictures: We kicked off Saturday with a hike to the Kitekite Falls deep in Piha Valley’s rainforest. Ruby seemed to be stoked to join us, putting on her smiling face.  We then stopped at South Piha to have a look at the waves, an interesting chat to a Surf Coach and a quick snack with views of the beach before heading into our next adventure: the Marawhara Track …

Look who’s here for a visit!

It’s a long weekend here in New Zealand because of Queen’s Birthday on Monday so Rob drove up the coast to spend the weekend here. We had a great day yesterday around Piha Beach, doing a couple of bush walks with Ruby, hanging out at the beach and watching the surf. Evening was great too with a fire in the chimney, a lush dinner à la Roberto full of great veggies such as yams (first time for me) and me falling asleep on the couch while Rob played the guitar. Now we just had brekkie and are off to the polynesian market. Catch you later with new stories from Auckland.