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Sleeping in the back-seat of my car with my snow bag

Good morning! Just woke up on beautiful Waihi Beach and although the back-seat is not quite as comfy as the luxurious mattress ┬áit’s still a special feeling to wake up right at the beach, stick your toes out the sliding door and feel the warm sand under your feet – instead of the cold Wanaka floor. A quick dip in the Pacific and a coffee later I am ready to hit the road again – exploring the Coromandel Peninsula and it’s lovely white beaches. PS: The moon roof is pretty funky though – especially when you wake up in the middle of a night and catch a glimpse of the Southern hemisphere skies. Lots more stars than in Europe!

Tiny little stumbling stones on my South Island road trip

After a little sickness had delayed my departure from Wanaka I finally jumped into my packed car on Tuesday and hit the road northwards. And oh, what a feeling of freedom! Reminded me of the good old road trip times with Goldie & Maggie last year. On day two and after a night in Christchurch the hassle started showing up on the horizon – first with a little drizzle which soon turned into a major storm along the coast. Windy as (it was) I decided to have a little break and parked Fugly (my f…. ugly car) on a parking spot between the road and the Pacific. Well, those who have ever been in Fugly before know that the sliding door window slightly opens up – something I tried to fix with duct tape. But obviously not well enough for the mighty storm which went over New Zealand’s east coast that day. When I got out of the car to re-attach the tape I almost got blown away and hurried back into the car – …

Meet Fugly, my new friend on four wheels

Did I mention I was looking for a car? It took a series of very lucky coincidences but I eventually found this “beauty” which matched all my requirements: four-wheel drive to get up and down the mountain roads, enough space in the back to store my ski and snowboard gear, eights seats for weekend trips with my ski instructor friends (or transforming the seats into a giant bed). Plus a moon roof to watch the stars as you lie down. And the name…. well, you can probably imagine what F… ugly translates to?