Month: March 2013

Dipping into Lake Traunsee

Why would anyone jump into freezing Lake Traunsee in March? While it’s still snowing? Well, here’s the story: It all started with a bet, of course. Christoph and me took the Snow Sports Instructor Course around Easter – consisting of the Snowboard Instructor Qualification (easy) and the Ski Instructor Qualification (not so easy). I don’t remember who started the whole betting thing but when we heard that we had passed the Snowboarding exams we agreed on a bet: to jump into the lake if we also pass the Skiing exams (both being quite sure we would never pass). Seeing the pictures you can guess the rest of the story…. (hooray for passing the exams though!) Freezing! But so good as well – looking forward to seeing you next year, Christoph!

“Yeah, not too bad. Do it again…” says the Instructor

We’re in the middle of Ski Instructor qualification and every day is the same: Getting up the mountain at 8 am, skiing until 2 pm, getting down the mountain, quick shower, classes from 4-9 pm with a quick dinner break. And exams. A lot of exams… both on- and off-piste, on the mountain and off the mountain. Doing the same run over and over again and you can never reach perfection. Just when you think you’ve bent your knees the right way this time, you can be sure another part of your body did something wrong. Highlight of the week is getting a “Yeah, not too bad.” from your Instructor. And then hearing “Do it again.”