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On the road again – from Wellington to Taranaki

Hi lovely people! Just a quick update from this side of the world: After so many days snoozing in Wellington it was time to move on – up the coast to Taranaki. The drive is about five hours but of course it took me way longer – stopping at beautiful beaches, putting my feet into the black sand, watching the waves and just soaking up the sunshine. T-Shirt weather, finally! Enjoy your sunday while I enjoy another night of much needed sleep.

The majestic Mt. Taranaki – personal Mountain of Happiness in NZ

When driving into Taranaki (and only if you’re lucky with weather) you can already see the magic volcano from afar. When I got up this morning and left a Rob’s place I was a bit disappointed that the mountain was covered in clouds. I had already accepted that I won’t get to see it this time when all of a sudden weather cleared up and he peeked out of the clouds. Just as I drove past it was completely out of the clouds only to disappear again when I had passed it. Magic moment! PS: That fancy thing in front is my current ride. Nice, isn’t it?

A home away from home

After a long and sad good-bye from dog Ruby I drove down the West Coast to New Plymouth last night, an absolutely scenic drive – especially along the Awakino River and the Arorangi Scenic Reserve – accompanied by another stunning sunset. Rob lives in New Plymouth and it was a great opportunity to visit his family on my way down south. Warm welcoming hugs and a delicious roast awaited me and I also got some advice for my crochet project as Rob’s Mum is a savvy knitter. And I got to spend some time with the lovely cat Mog (which helped a lot easing my pain over missing Ruby). After a warm night under two duvets I was treated with lush porridge and coffee this morning and given tupperware that contains my lunch for the drive down to Wellington today. I seriously reconsider marrying Rob now. Thanks to the whole family for having me and making me feel so welcome at your house – hope I can return all that hospitality one day.