The famous “About-Me”-Page – a tricky one. I could write the usual – who I am, what I do, where I live – but that would be a recap of this blog’s title and also boring. Plus, it would probably end in the perfect facebook-ish self-portrayal of a successful and happy living, telling you how great my life is and all that cool stuff I do. Does that ring a bell?

One of the reasons for starting this blog actually was to do things differently this time. To give you a glimpse into my real life, with all its struggles & rewards, sometimes full of tears, other times full of happiness. To bring some more honesty into my circle of friends and to admit that I am lost from time to time. Actually, quite often but coming to accepting it as part of the journey and thus appreciating it.

One good thing that came out of being very lost was my current job. That was not planned – it actually just happened out of an emergency situation which had its roots in 2011:


There were additional turbulences in love life, family and regarding my living situation but covering all that would go beyond the scope of this blog. The essence of sharing this story with you is to demonstrate all those ups & downs I’ve experienced. And gosh, all those failures! We tend to cover them up in our CVs and profiles – as if they didn’t exist. We pretend that there’s no such thing as failure and friends and society also cover up their failures. And this vicious circle goes on and on… isn’t it about time to break it? I’ll start by being the change I want to see.

There are some other things I learned through all those failures:

  • A lot of winning lies in beginning. I spent way too much time shutting myself away in my room to contemplate, think, worry, unable to move, always being afraid of the next mistakes. Resulting in no progress at all. Only when I started moving, the whole world around me started moving too and things started happening.
  • There is no such thing as normal. Who’s normal anyway? Follow your personal dreams instead of someone else’s because at the end of your life this could be that one thing you regret the most.
  • Do what makes you happy. And do it often. Don’t worry about what other people or society might think of it. My thing is traveling – that’s why I do it as often as I can. Even if some people disapprove it. And isn’t a decent travel adventure the best way to grow?
  • Face your fears because if you don’t face them they’ll come running back at you. And they will always limit you. It’s okay to freak out every now and then (I do it on a regular basis – very refreshing). But don’t forget to calm down again and start addressing those fears.
  • In the end it’s all about the people in your life. When you’re desperate and really lonely the people around you will be that one thing saving you. I learned it the hard way and I had to sink very low until I got that lesson. Time to thank my wonderful family & all those special friends – who knows where I’d be now without you.

I’ll save some other wisdoms and learnings for later and would be curious to hear yours. Leave a comment or drop me a line. And now let’s get ready for New Zealand!


  1. Anonymous says

    Maybe one of the best ways to brush up my english during the next months.
    With Love pa

  2. Anonymous says

    thank you for sharing, it’ s great to read these lines. Your words/your Journey to the outside and Inside World is as refreshing as you are.

  3. thats such a different About me! 🙂 I am catching up with you on ur Kiwi expedition! 🙂 and would love to read about ur road trips! 🙂 Trip On! Cheers!

  4. Anonymous says

    Liebe Eva, Paula sagt ich soll dich ganz herzlich von ihr grüßen und DANKE mailen: für deine wunderbare Aufmerksamkeit in Form der Postkarte vom anderen Ende der Welt!!! Gerne senden wir dir Fotos von uns, schickst du mir eine Mail, auf die ich antworten kann – ok? Dieser Blog ist wirklich “gschmo”, würde der Ischler wohl sagen ;)))) Alles Liebe aus der Heimat, Andrea & Paula

    • Hallo Andrea & Paula,

      lieben Dank für eure Nachricht – habe eure Bilder bekommen und finde Klein-Paula entzückend! Schön zu sehen, dass du (sprachlich) schon gut in die Ischler Gemeinschaft integriert bist. Wünsche euch einen tollen, ersten Sommer und freu’ mich auf ein Treffen beim Ischler Adventdorf

      Alles Liebe

  5. Emmanuel Fabre says

    Hi Eva,
    That’s great to have some news about you. All that time as gone so fast since 2009.
    Congrats on achieving what you love, you look so happy and always smiley on the photos I saw. Congrats too on being so honest, on facing and describing this way all the good and tough moments you had.
    You are the tiny Eva with a very Strong will, I wish you all the best for the future 🙂
    (And al your skiing and landscape photos/ videos make me dream).

  6. Hey!
    I just arrived in Piha a few days ago. I loved reading about your experience as an Au pair here. I am here as an Au pair as well. I was wondering if you had met anyone in your age range while here. I am in desperate need of some friends and was hoping you might know of some people you met that I could get in touch with. I love it here but really need someone to talk to and maybe do things with. I would love any help or advice!


    • Hi Brittany, welcome to Piha! Thinking back I have to admit I didn’t find any friends in my age range but lots of lovely friends both older and younger than me. In the end, age is just a number and sometimes you find even more interesting people by looking out of your age range. To make new friends I recommend the Café, the library, the surf and the RSA (when a rugby match is on). Or join one of the workshops (e.g. at the library) or yoga classes? Go on hikes and start talking to people or make your friends in Auckland and invite them out to Piha. Everybody loves to drive out there to meet a friend. Good luck!

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