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Hello Wanaka! The girl with the many bags has finally arrived

Guess what! I finally made it all the way to my new home in Wanaka (which are great – both the home and the town). It’s such a nice feeling to finally drop those bags for a while and not worry about whether or not I can carry them all at the same time. The first couple of days here were filled with countless Hellos at Ski School gatherings, meeting old friends and making new ones, settling into our winter homes and getting used to life in a bustling winter town. Funny side fact: The bus driver on the way from Queenstown Airport to my Wanaka home asked me where I am from. When I said Austria he told me he’s going on a vacation there this autumn. And the tiny little town he’s booked his accommodation at is called Gosau, also known as the ski resort where I teach during my Northern hemisphere winter. Oh, what a small world!

When you’re not allowed to wear your ski boots on an airplane….

Just when I thought I had learned all the life lessons New Zealand had in stock for me it presented one last one – an obvious one though: Never exceed your airline’s weight limits when it comes to your luggage. Or rather: Don’t rely on having a handsome guy at the counter who will just check in your excess luggage just because you’re blonde and a ski instructor. There might only be dragon-like old women instead who are pretty unimpressed with your excuses and flirt attempts…. Anyway – here’s the story: When I had booked my flights to New Zealand in spring I paid a decent amount of money to be allowed an extra 16 kgs in my ski bag – which had worked perfectly fine on my way here. On my way back I had repacked my bags slightly different – putting most of my stuff into the ski bag to the point where I almost couldn’t carry it any more and downsizing my big suitcase to a more Thailand-friendly small backpack. In theory …

Closing the New Zealand chapter, starting the long journey home

For the past six months today’s date has been marked red in my agenda – the day I would leave New Zealand and start my long journey homewards. And as usual it came far too quick. Whenever I read retrospective blog entries – people looking back on specific chapters of their lives which are coming to an end – it seems that they’re always blocking out the bad stuff. We only remember the good things and leave with that glorious feeling of having had the time of our lives. We go home with the words “It was amazing” ready on our lips, prepared to throw them back to everybody asking “How was it?” And yet giving them no idea what kind of suffering and growth you went through at the same time… As I sit in the middle of my huge luggage pile I am shocked that the exact same thing is just happening to me too. I look back on all the amazing times I had in Auckland with the dance company, the adventures …