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Powderday! Snowalert! Work it, girls!

After last night’s blog post I quickly got up from the couch to check my bedroom temperature but with chilly 7 degrees there I decided that I would rather sleep in the living room where the fire was still going and the wind was howling in the chimney. My wake up call this morning was my roommate Jo who was super-excited and told me she’s going to Ohau Ski Field – a tiny hill two hours north of Wanaka (with one chairlift by the way!) because it’s a Powderday! That made me think I should tell you guys something about New Zealand Powderdays – a phenomenon very interesting to us foreign ski instructors because Kiwis get absolutely crazy about tiny amounts of snow. And when I say tiny we really talk about centimeters. To give you some examples – here are some recent Facebook updates of the Wanaka ski fields Treble Cone & Cardrona:w     When Treble Cone has had 10 to 15 cm of snow it’s already massive for New Zealand so I can …

First impressions of my new workplace

When I popped my toes out of my electric-blanket-heated bed into the cold of a Kiwi-style unheated house this morning getting up to go skiing didn’t seem very tempting. I am glad I did though because it was the most awesome day out there. And the probably perfect day to explore my new playground. It had snowed the whole last week and our lovely colleagues from operations (incl. one of my housemates) worked hard and long hours to dig out the lifts under that fluffy white blanket. They didn’t quite get all of them ready for opening yesterday so there was one basin left that had not seen any crowds yesterday. And guess who was just standing at the barrier when ski patrol decided to open it? Yeah, right. A basin full of fresh powder just when I arrived up there. What a lucky coincidence! Don’t have to tell you that I rode in that basin almost all day – even when everything was already tracked it remained nice snow and awesome riding. Enjoying it …

Powderday in Chamonix

Looking outside the window this morning I didn’t feel very tempted to even get out of bed but knowing myself well enough after 29 years I have learned how to trick myself. And it was so worth getting out there! We – Malin, Mehdi and me that is – went to Argentière, close to Chamonix (France) and it took us quite a long queue to get up to the top at 3295m altitude. But every minute was worth the wait and we were rewarded with stunning views! Here’s a couple of pictures from our way down.    Thanks to the weather gods for making this powder day possible – on a 21 April. And huge thanks to Malin and Mehdi for those fun runs & stunts. Hope to ski with you again some day.