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On the road again – from Wellington to Taranaki

Hi lovely people! Just a quick update from this side of the world: After so many days snoozing in Wellington it was time to move on – up the coast to Taranaki. The drive is about five hours but of course it took me way longer – stopping at beautiful beaches, putting my feet into the black sand, watching the waves and just soaking up the sunshine. T-Shirt weather, finally! Enjoy your sunday while I enjoy another night of much needed sleep.

Exploring Lake Wanaka on our day off

We recently went on a little road trip along the shores of Lake Wanaka – the lake we all live at. We drove via Glendhu Bay to the access road to Treble Cone where we hiked up to a waterfall, had a little chat to the local sheep and just enjoyed some fresh air and time off. On our way back we had a little picnic on one of the local beaches and finished our trip with coffee in front of a fire at a local café. Thanks girls for a relaxing day out! Photos below by fellow road trippers Sanna, Manuela, Selina and myself.

Good morning from Kaikoura

After yesterday’s ferry ride I still made it down to Kaikoura, a small city on the east coast of New Zealand’s South Island. Probably missed a scenic drive as the road winds down along the coast but being already dark I could not see that. I found a wonderful beachside hostel in the bay and was stoked when I woke up to these views. That definitely made getting up early for a long day of driving a lot easier.

A home away from home

After a long and sad good-bye from dog Ruby I drove down the West Coast to New Plymouth last night, an absolutely scenic drive – especially along the Awakino River and the Arorangi Scenic Reserve – accompanied by another stunning sunset. Rob lives in New Plymouth and it was a great opportunity to visit his family on my way down south. Warm welcoming hugs and a delicious roast awaited me and I also got some advice for my crochet project as Rob’s Mum is a savvy knitter. And I got to spend some time with the lovely cat Mog (which helped a lot easing my pain over missing Ruby). After a warm night under two duvets I was treated with lush porridge and coffee this morning and given tupperware that contains my lunch for the drive down to Wellington today. I seriously reconsider marrying Rob now. Thanks to the whole family for having me and making me feel so welcome at your house – hope I can return all that hospitality one day.

Off to another road trip across New Zealand

My time is Auckland is almost over and I am just about to leave to travel all the way across New Zealand to Wanaka, my new home for the next couple of months. I had planned to fly down but lucky as I am I sorted a car that needs to be transferred from Auckland to Queenstown (which is just a mountain range further south from Wanaka). There’s also a couple of people I want to see as I travel south so I’ll stop in New Plymouth, Wellington and Christchurch before I get into my new home. I’ll try to keep you posted during my travels and also show you a picture of my new ride!

Exploring the Southern tip of the Waitakere Ranges

Saturday was a beautiful day here in Auckland and after having seen much of the Waitakere Ranges on the west coast (can you spot Piha on the map?) it was about time to explore the South Coast of this beautiful Regional Park which is at the same time the coast line of Manukau Harbour. Driving from Hillborough Bay via Titirangi, Cornwallis and Huia all the way out to Whatipu Beach: There were some beautiful lookouts on the way but most impressive was Whatipu – the beach at the very end of the road, known for its windswept dunes, the turbulent Manukau Harbour entrance and the wetlands (which I got to experience in a very wet way). The good tourist I am I got additional information from the Arataki visitor center so I can tell you a bit about the history as well: For 800 years Maori favoured this part of the Ranges because of its rich resources, including shark. (We happened to see a big splash in Huai bay and of course believe it was a …

Off to Switzerland!

I’m packing. For a roadtrip through Switzerland. Having lived there for two years there’s lots of friends to see and places to visit. And being just between winter and summer there’s also loads of things to take: 1 mountain bike 1 pair of skis 1 slackline 1 via ferrata set 2 climbing shoes + harness 1 bottle of Mosecco for Anca 4 jars of Bärlauch pesto for my lovely hosts 10 bottles of Radler (a beer drink that doesn’t exist in Switzerland) 1 goodie bag full of veggie stuff for Malin 1 booking for a graphic design course in Munich on the way back 1 Lonely Planet Guide for Switzerland (I’ll do it the tourist way this time) clothing and equipment for basically any situation (from snow to sunshine at the beach) Let’s see how I’ll fit everything into my tiny car… so excited to soon be on the road again.