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Tiny little stumbling stones on my South Island road trip

After a little sickness had delayed my departure from Wanaka I finally jumped into my packed car on Tuesday and hit the road northwards. And oh, what a feeling of freedom! Reminded me of the good old road trip times with Goldie & Maggie last year. On day two and after a night in Christchurch the hassle started showing up on the horizon – first with a little drizzle which soon turned into a major storm along the coast. Windy as (it was) I decided to have a little break and parked Fugly (my f…. ugly car) on a parking spot between the road and the Pacific. Well, those who have ever been in Fugly before know that the sliding door window slightly opens up – something I tried to fix with duct tape. But obviously not well enough for the mighty storm which went over New Zealand’s east coast that day. When I got out of the car to re-attach the tape I almost got blown away and hurried back into the car – …

Windy up the mountain, calm in my mouth

Two days later and my situation has completely changed: While in my last post it was fine weather and tooth aches it’s now the other way round. We had strong winds up the mountain today that made it – let’s say – “challenging” to keep my kids entertained and “on the chairlift”. But hey – I am always up for a challenge! The good news is that my pain situation has improved a lot: The antibiotics I got from the dentist on Tuesday are doing their job pretty well and I had my first day without painkillers since two weeks today. Hooray! Plus: I have two days off now and can’t tell you how excited I am. Will keep you posted what I am up to!