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Freezing winter walk in Arrowtown

After a crazy night in Queenstown I went  to the Airport this morning to pick up lovely Seth, who flew in from Wellington to join me on a road trip. The plan was to head up north to Lake Tekapo where we had booked a star gazing tour later that night. We stopped a lot of times on our way up and our first stop was Arrowtown – a tiny and very cute village just outside of Queenstown. Although it was already lunch time and warming up a bit we still found lots of ice crystals during our winter walk and both armed with cameras we spent lots of time trying to catch their beauty. Couldn’t quite get it but this image might give you an idea what a chilled and relaxed time we had. Lots of laughter, lots of good talks and lots of photography.

“Yeah, nah.. not too bad. Just a bit chully.”

This is the typical Kiwi answer I get whenever I tell a local how much I am suffering from the cold. As a ski instructor AND being Austrian I thought I was used to being exposed to cold weather but it’s a different kind of cold we experience here. Although the temperatures are not as low as in Austria it’s the wet & humid NZ climate that make it so hard to handle. Plus the fact that there’s no heating. Which is probably the worst. Especially when you work outdoors all day…. you would really look forward to coming home, being warm, drying your wet gear and having a cosy evening. But as soon as I open the door to our house it and the expected feeling of warmth and cosiness does not kick in I remember why: We don’t have heating. And that’s not only the problem of our house, if basically applies to most houses in New Zealand. And I must admit: We are pretty lucky that we have a fireplace and double …

Winter has arrived in New Zealand

As you might have seen from my beach pictures New Zealand had greeted me in a friendly way last week – with temperatures around 20 degrees and perfect t-shirt and jandal weather. Just when I started liking the idea of a mild winter Kiwi winter showed its real face and hit Auckland last night with a terrible storm and freezing cold temperatures. According to radio the peak temperature measured in Auckland today was 6.8 degrees Celsius. (Not that this would be really tough for me but did I mention there’s neither heating system nor insulation…?) Google News is full of weather coverage today and there seem to have been roads closed on both islands, snow falls down to sea level and power cuts in and around Auckland. Luckily, I wasn’t really affected by that over here – only concern were cold feet. In desperate need of really warm socks I headed to the close-by mall – wearing 1 long-sleeved merino shirt 1 Odlo thermal skiing jumper 1 fleece jumper 1 down jacket 1 rain jacket my …