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Rainy days down in town, rainy days up the mountain?

A day off during school holidays is luxury so you better spend it well. Not much to do during those rainy days anyway but we probably need the rest to catch our breath and get energized for another week of crazy school holidays. Quiet days, cruisy mornings, a walk to town, coffee with the friends and relaxed movie nights with the housemates. Let’s just cross our fingers that the rain doesn’t reach our snow up at Cardrona.

A week of peace in Chiang Mai

Our destination in Northern Thailand has been a heaven of relaxation so far: A clean room, good food and incredibly cheap massages – exactly what I needed after busy Bangkok. We stayed on the usual tourist paths during the first days but as soon I explored some neighborhoods outside the traditional city centre I came across a completely different, more modern style of a Thai city. Pedaling through the Western and university districts I stumbled across the Chiang Mai Academy of Ballet – an adventure in itself, and close-by were the departments for Art and New Media – a heaven to explore if you’re interested in those kind of things.

Exploring Lake Wanaka on our day off

We recently went on a little road trip along the shores of Lake Wanaka – the lake we all live at. We drove via Glendhu Bay to the access road to Treble Cone where we hiked up to a waterfall, had a little chat to the local sheep and just enjoyed some fresh air and time off. On our way back we had a little picnic on one of the local beaches and finished our trip with coffee in front of a fire at a local café. Thanks girls for a relaxing day out! Photos below by fellow road trippers Sanna, Manuela, Selina and myself.