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Meeting old friends for a round of golf

I used my days off for catching up on a lot of things and one of them was meeting friends, such as Daniel. We went to High School together back home in Austria and as it happens we are now both working down here in Wanaka. Daniel coaches at the other ski field so I don’t see him very often but when I do it’s always good fun. This was my first time ever golfing and I am amazed by how much I liked it – good fun actually, something to repeat on future days off.

Painful farewell to the Austrian Ski Instructor Community

My colleagues at the snow sports school where I worked over winter happen to be big fans of parties. It was only a question of time until we’d find the next reason to get together and have a couple of drinks so I was not surprised when I got the invite. Working amongst a bunch of guys I was also not surprised that we’d spend the evening with a rather masculine activity: Paintball. But I was indeed very surprised how painful this sport is! Still counting my bruises but have to admit it was good to see you again, guys!