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“Skiing is freedom – and so is my education.”

Meet Logan LaPlante – a 13-year-old kid from California whose concept of hack-schooling his education is currently baffling the Youtube World – including me. Logan has been pulled out of traditional education and is since then hacking the education system, to make it better and suitable for his needs. And that got him to ask himself: Why is the science of being happy not considered education? In his 11-minutes talk he touches several topics that I spend a lot of time thinking about: The science of happiness, how skiing and writing makes him a happier person and how we can change the education system. And he reminded me that everything is up for being hacked – our education, our jobs, our relationships, even our whole lives. That got me thinking: Should I hack something too? Or am I already hacking my life by stepping out of traditional paths? Logan defines a hacker as an innovator, who challenges and changes the systems to make them better. And having the hacker mindset can change the world. Maybe …

Finally skiing Treble Cone

Incredible that I’ve lived here for a full season already but actually never made it up to Wanaka’s other ski field, called Treble Cone. It was about time we headed up there and with Rachel, driving her old Japanese ambulance – transformed Campervan up there, it was the perfect opportunity to get a couple of Cardrona instructors together to check out the competition. When some Treble Cone ski instructors charmingly called Cardrona the “flat white” because of it’s lacking steepness I didn’t understand. But now – having seen Treble Cone’s steep couloirs, bowls and all the fun off piste skiing – I completely agree. Enough words – here are some pictures from our fun day, starting with out ride in the bespoken ambulance, the luxury of a six-seater-chairlift, Sanna & me in front of Lake Wanaka, Andrew pointing out Mt Aspiring (3033m high) to Sanna,¬†and finally, the well deserved beer at famous Waterbar after a great day on the mountain.

One last look back at the Cardrona season

Today I went for the last ski up at Cardrona – all alone, with lots of time to look back on the season and reflect how it went. So many things are different over here in New Zealand – you have to drive all the way up to the base area of a mountain, everything at the ski field is owned by one company, there are canteen style fast food places instead of cosy chalets with good food, slopes are not marked as such, ski fields have a maximum of four lifts and lifties are actually friendly and good fun instead of grumpy old men. Yet, at the same time so many things are similar – you feel immediately welcomed in the ski instructor community, the town has a buzzing night life with happy hour drinking and in the end everybody is here for the love of snow. But the one thing that really struck me as the most challenging difference was the living situation: I had no idea that there is no central heating …

Skiing with the best Asian skier I’ve ever seen – and lived with.

Although we’ve been living together for a season now I never managed to go skiing with any of my housemates – so it came as a pleasant surprise when I met my roommate Jo on the slopes during one of my last skiing days. Jo is half Kiwi – half Filipino and is often teased for being half Asian – because she takes pictures of everything, she always does some Asian-style posing when pictures are taken and loves Asian food. But the one thing where she’s not Asian at all are her skiing skills. (Don’t want to be offensive but if you’ve ever taught Asians how to ski you know what I am talking about….)

A proper ski a day keeps the doctor away

Big news of the day: I went skiing. And it was so good! But how did that happen? I woke up this morning, hearing all the early morning busyness in our house, everybody packing their things, trying to get to the staff van on time and i secretly felt sorry for myself that I couldn’t go up. But wait! Who said I couldn’t? Within minutes I decided to also go up to Cardrona and found myself on top of the hill an hour later. Already carrying my gear to the staff area was a mission and I had to stop and rest multiple times. It already dawned on me that no skiing was going to happen in that state so I had coffee with ski instructor friends first, then did some paper work for ski school, had lunch with the mates, etc. It would have been weird to be up there without skiing so I finally gathered all my powers and went for a ride on the – hold on: beginner’s – chairlift. Once that …

Bluebird Days at Cardrona Alpine Resort

Wow, what an amazing week! We are in the middle of a fine weather period and every day up at Cardrona is a stunner. Plus, I am on the kids programme again which means four days with the same kids, lots of fun activities such as treasure hunts, dressing up, playing games and throwing snow balls at your ski instructor. Hope you’re having a fine week too! PS: On the downside I have to admit that my tooth still hurts like crazy. But – I’ve got another appointment at the dentist tonight and that will hopefully bring some more pain killers and the so much needed relief. Fingers crossed!