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Dance like no one is watching – because in the dark no one is!

There’s a couple of things that make me not only happy but “to-the-moon-and-back-happy” – Dancing is one of them. Last year I’ve been to a real fun dance session here in Wanaka and as soon as I knew I’d be back this winter I decided that I would make it a weekly regular on my ski instructor schedule. Tonight was one of those evenings where I really needed some cheering up after a bad day at work and it was pure bliss to dance away all the sorrows, stress and self-questioning from an awful day on the mountain. Dancing in the Dark – picture by No Lights, No Lycra. Some of you might argue that they are not good at dancing, that they feel awkward to dance in front of other people or like one of the fellow ski instructors put it: “I need a couple of drinks before I can bust out my dance moves – and as soon as I’ve had those couple of drinks, my balance & coordination of body parts might not be …

Book recommendation: Do you want to be normal or happy?

On my 29th birthday I hiked up our local mountain with my Mum and during our well deserved lunch at one of the huts she pulled out this book as a present. What a good match – already the title made me smile. I read it during the 2012 New Zealand road trip and recommended it to Maggie who took it with her to Australia. When visiting her in Maroubra this year the book found its way back to me exactly one year later. Reading it again in Thailand wasn’t as mind-blowing as the first time but a good way to re-assess my happiness, to look back and see what a long way I’ve come during the year that has passed and get the bigger picture again. So if you’re still looking for a last-minute Christmas present – I can absolutely recommend this one (apart from the paragraphs where he advertises his multiple side-products such as CDs).

The ingredients for my personal Piha happiness

My time in Piha is soon coming to an end and when I look back on it I discover that it has probably been the peak of my happiness journey so far. Much of it is comes from the beautiful landscape, the beach in front of me, the sand between my toes, the bird concert just outside my bedroom window in the morning, the joy I get from taking care of the three sunshine girls, …. I could go on for ages. Mostly things that you can only understand when you’ve seen, felt and lived them. Pretty boring for you, eh? But there’s another part of my happiness that is probably easier to understand: The happiness I found within from mixing up some ingredients I found only out here: Piha is a place of No worries and complete Shamelessness – or have you ever walked on the beach in your pyjamas? I got heaps of Rest after this long and crazy winter – just listening to my body and sleeping when and where I wanted to. …

Me & my car + some alone time + a beautiful sunset = Happiness

Life sometimes gets so busy that you forget the simple pleasures of life.  Like a good read, healthy food, some alone time and the beauty of a sunset in a lonely bay. Put all that together and you get a pretty accurate picture of what my Sunday looked like. It was about time to spend some time with myself, quieten down my mind and listen to my heart again. Plus, I have to admit my car is pretty perfect for those kind of activities. Now I can’t wait to take Fugly on another road trip to explore more of the beauty this country has to offer.

A spooky and sleepless night at the house

I thought I have had enough sleep on the plane and felt pretty fresh when I got here on Monday but having done this trip a couple of times already I should have known better: The jet-lag always strikes back. It just hits you out of the blue and if you don’t get to a bed or couch fast enough you literally fall asleep at the table (True story!). Yesterday it kicked in rather late and I fell asleep at around 7 pm, resulting in waking up at midnight – wide awake. Multiple techniques didn’t work out – no way to get back to sleep again. At the same time a major storm came over Auckland and it was pissing down in a way I had never experienced in Austria. A sleepless and spooky night all alone at the end of the world – that’s a pretty perfect breeding ground for self-doubt and lots of worrying: Did I make the right decision? What am I doing here? Why the hell did I put myself into …