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Piha says Haere rā with rainbow colours & golden sunset

The two weeks I had in Piha were outstanding overall but my last weekend was picture perfect and couldn’t have been any better. One of the reasons was Emmy turning eight last Saturday and the great birthday party going on at the house, a rainbow loom party to be precise and I was impressed by all the effort and creativity put into the party preparations by all the family members. No question that the birthday girl was really excited on the birthday morning and was up really (!) early. And what a surprise that the whole family was dressed up in onesies (and the eager readers will already know what piece of clothing that is). Most impressive was Dad’s pink unicorn costume and especially the pride and attitude he wore it with. For reasons of unicorn-privacy I’ll just show the unicorn-body as he was climbing up the porch to have a look at the waves from the roof: What a cool Dad! Or can you imagine your Dad wearing a pink unicorn onesie? Even the people not so …

Back in Piha paradise. Back to surfing. Back to magic sunsets.

My first day in Piha couldn’t have been any better. A sunny drive down Piha road (and if you know that drive you know how magic it can be), my first surf in ages, an after surf drink by the beach and then this stunning sunset with great company. And after a perfect day came a perfect evening with the family and the girls I had been missing badly over the last couple of months. I sneaked into the house and was lucky enough to be just in time for some stunning singing performances by the girls, followed by delicious dinner and an evening that couldn’t have been any better for my first day back in Piha. Ah, so grateful for all those magic experiences out here….

The Dinner Window showing the daily sunset spectacle

Just like almost every night the Piha sky put on another sunset show for us – perfectly timed for dinner. Tonight was somehow special though – the house filled with friends & neighbors, a chilled tune in our ears, sharing a glass of wine or cider on the deck and hearing the kids giggling all over the place. I am grateful today for having found this special place, with this adorable family – every day life with them gives me so much inspiration how I would love to raise my kids one day. It’s not only the magic paradise that those kids grow up in – it’s also the little moments within the family – like the smiles they share, all together singing along to a famous song, dancing in the living room, secretly stealing strawberries, the creativity in their play, little signs of love everywhere. After all those weeks my mind is full of snap- shots of Piha family life that I will take home and hope to one day do it in a …

Me & my car + some alone time + a beautiful sunset = Happiness

Life sometimes gets so busy that you forget the simple pleasures of life.  Like a good read, healthy food, some alone time and the beauty of a sunset in a lonely bay. Put all that together and you get a pretty accurate picture of what my Sunday looked like. It was about time to spend some time with myself, quieten down my mind and listen to my heart again. Plus, I have to admit my car is pretty perfect for those kind of activities. Now I can’t wait to take Fugly on another road trip to explore more of the beauty this country has to offer.