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Piha says Haere rā with rainbow colours & golden sunset

The two weeks I had in Piha were outstanding overall but my last weekend was picture perfect and couldn’t have been any better. One of the reasons was Emmy turning eight last Saturday and the great birthday party going on at the house, a rainbow loom party to be precise and I was impressed by all the effort and creativity put into the party preparations by all the family members.

No question that the birthday girl was really excited on the birthday morning and was up really (!) early. And what a surprise that the whole family was dressed up in onesies (and the eager readers will already know what piece of clothing that is). Most impressive was Dad’s pink unicorn costume and especially the pride and attitude he wore it with. For reasons of unicorn-privacy I’ll just show the unicorn-body as he was climbing up the porch to have a look at the waves from the roof:


What a cool Dad! Or can you imagine your Dad wearing a pink unicorn onesie? Even the people not so keen on wearing onesies eventually got dressed up with bunny ears & elf wings (looking good there, Rob!) And how great is the decoration of the living room and the arts & crafts table? Yay to Super-Mum for preparing it all during the night after a long and chaotic day at work.

Rob and me didn’t want to intrude too much into the birthday fun (and the surf was really good that day as well) so we hit the waves in the morning, staying out there for a while enjoying great conditions. They ocean had a great number of wipe-outs in store for me but eventually I caught that one magic wave where everything fell into place. And as I was riding my big red board to the beach it was one of those magic moments where you can dance on your board, all the way to the nose and stand there in complete perfection. It was my first time doing this and gave me this huge rush of happiness everywhere in my body, a pure wave of happiness.

Obviously there were many more wipe-outs to follow but the happiness of the overall situation was overwhelming: peacefully gliding through the water while you’re paddling out, listening to the sound the water makes as it splashes against your board, the tickling feeling on your toes at the back of your board. That magic moment when a big wave comes towards you and you just making it over its peak and drop down on the other side. The fact that you have to twinkle your eyes because the sun is so bright. Those peaceful moments out there where you just sit on your board, observe the ocean and drag your hands through the water. Watching the other surfers having a ball as they ride the wave passing you. And that funny moment when you look down into the deep water wondering whether there’s a really big fish somewhere below? Makes me feel really tiny in that big ocean and puts my world in perspective again.

Knowing that it was my last surf in a while I enjoyed every second of it and especially that Rob was out there with me. There’s nothing like a good surf with a good friend. After a couple of hours we headed back home, exhausted from salt water & sun we enjoyed a rest on the sunny porch and watched all that birthday fun going on.

Sorry for the overwhelmingly cheesy sunset gallery that follows but the evening sky that Piha put on for my last night there was too perfect not to be shared. Rob and me hiked up to Tasman Lookout and watched the surf until the sun went down that evening. Fleeing from the sudden cold we crossed the Eel Bridge and warmed up with a nice tea at the Piha Café and more good talks.

The day was perfectly wrapped up by a great dinner, accompanied by an All Blacks game and a glass of wine. If I was to design my perfect last day in Piha I wouldn’t have changed much – the only thing that slightly troubled my mind was the massive snow bag waiting on the floor to be filled and the fact that – again – it was slightly too heavy for the weight restrictions….

All pictures taken by me or Emmy, the surf ones are stolen from Pinterest with mostly unknown sources and only one of them actually shows myself. (Hint: If you want to spot the right one think about the fact that it’s winter down here….)

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