Month: April 2013

Don’t follow the tracks – also applies to mountain biking!

When you become a ski instructor you hear it a hundred times: Never follow the tracks. How come I wasn’t clever enough to apply the same rule when mountain biking? Well, I learned the hard way that this rule also applies to mountain biking… Lesson of the day: Have a look on a map before you throw yourself into your next down hill adventure. Here’s a pic from top of Salève mountain in Geneva – before I went down and when I was still smiling and clean. No need to show you a pic of AFTER the ride – you can probably imagine. Still great times out there!

Powderday in Chamonix

Looking outside the window this morning I didn’t feel very tempted to even get out of bed but knowing myself well enough after 29 years I have learned how to trick myself. And it was so worth getting out there! We – Malin, Mehdi and me that is – went to Argentière, close to Chamonix (France) and it took us quite a long queue to get up to the top at 3295m altitude. But every minute was worth the wait and we were rewarded with stunning views! Here’s a couple of pictures from our way down.    Thanks to the weather gods for making this powder day possible – on a 21 April. And huge thanks to Malin and Mehdi for those fun runs & stunts. Hope to ski with you again some day.

Home again at Lake Geneva

After a fun night in Zurich with amazing Anca, Lunch with my former boyfriend at Lake Zug and a short visit to Lucerne I’ve made it all the way to my old home: Lausanne at lake Geneva. My friend Malin still lives here with her boyfriend and we spent a lovely day hanging out at the lake, having coffee, catching up on life and brainstorming about future adventures. Ah, what a delight to have a friend like Malin!  

Off to Switzerland!

I’m packing. For a roadtrip through Switzerland. Having lived there for two years there’s lots of friends to see and places to visit. And being just between winter and summer there’s also loads of things to take: 1 mountain bike 1 pair of skis 1 slackline 1 via ferrata set 2 climbing shoes + harness 1 bottle of Mosecco for Anca 4 jars of Bärlauch pesto for my lovely hosts 10 bottles of Radler (a beer drink that doesn’t exist in Switzerland) 1 goodie bag full of veggie stuff for Malin 1 booking for a graphic design course in Munich on the way back 1 Lonely Planet Guide for Switzerland (I’ll do it the tourist way this time) clothing and equipment for basically any situation (from snow to sunshine at the beach) Let’s see how I’ll fit everything into my tiny car… so excited to soon be on the road again.

Happy birthday, Mum!

Best Mum in the world is turning 60 today, hooray! She doesn’t know yet but for tonight’s massive party with all her friends my brother, his girlfriend and me have prepared a little video. Don’t wanna bore you with the full version but here’s a short version running for approx. 5 minutes. Thanks Mum – for being so awesome!