Month: August 2013

Pengi’s Birthday Party at Cardrona

Every serious mountain needs a mascot – our’s happens to be a Penguin that is adored by everyone, especially kids. No matter how wrong your ski class goes – whether your kids miss Mummy, get into a serious snowball fight, start crying or get run over by other kids – Pengi saves us Instructors in any situation and tears magically disappear when Pengi enters the magic carpet scene. So when it was Pengi’s Birthday Party today we knew it was going to be a huge success. But what was even better than the party (and the cake) was when Frosty and Pengi battled it out in the Fun Park. Watch it and find out who wins – Frosty even does a backflip!

International Dinner at our house

Following our payday dinners and lots of food talk during our lunch breaks we recently came up with the idea of having an international dinner at our house – where everybody had to bring a culinary delight from their country. And I have to admit that I am amazed by the cooking skills of my fellow ski instructors: The Americans brought Mac & Cheese plus Apple pie for dessert, Slovakia was present with Herula (a delicious potato-based dish), Slivovitz (similar to Schnaps) & Apfelstrudel (Plagiarism!), the Italian girls brought Pizza, Jo from New Zealand made a delicious bread loaf filled with onion dip, Argentina provided delicious Tarta de Atùn, Nicola – the Austrian-English colleague – brought berry pie, Sanna from Sweden made delicious Köttbullar med brunsås and Kanelbullar for dessert (one of my favourites) and Austria was represented by Apfelstrudel & Radler. Oh, and we really appreciated the effort from the English girls – by bringing along a can of baked beans, crackers and shortbread from the UK. Breakfast today consisted of leftovers – but …

Exploring Lake Wanaka on our day off

We recently went on a little road trip along the shores of Lake Wanaka – the lake we all live at. We drove via Glendhu Bay to the access road to Treble Cone where we hiked up to a waterfall, had a little chat to the local sheep and just enjoyed some fresh air and time off. On our way back we had a little picnic on one of the local beaches and finished our trip with coffee in front of a fire at a local café. Thanks girls for a relaxing day out! Photos below by fellow road trippers Sanna, Manuela, Selina and myself.

Video Update from Cardrona – Teaching the Hobbits

Kids play an important role up here at Cardrona Alpine Resort so as Ski Instructors we get to spend a lot of time with the little people. There’s a wide range of different programs available – one of them called “The Hobbits”. This one is particularly designed for local kids who come up six sundays in a row to spend half a day on their skis. Our lovely photographer colleagues were around last Sunday to take some shots and this is what they came up with: If you’re in general interested in what our mountain looks like, how people ski here, what it’s like to work up at Cardrona check out Cardrona’s You Tube Channel.