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Finally skiing Treble Cone

Incredible that I’ve lived here for a full season already but actually never made it up to Wanaka’s other ski field, called Treble Cone. It was about time we headed up there and with Rachel, driving her old Japanese ambulance – transformed Campervan up there, it was the perfect opportunity to get a couple of Cardrona instructors together to check out the competition. When some Treble Cone ski instructors charmingly called Cardrona the “flat white” because of it’s lacking steepness I didn’t understand. But now – having seen Treble Cone’s steep couloirs, bowls and all the fun off piste skiing – I completely agree. Enough words – here are some pictures from our fun day, starting with out ride in the bespoken ambulance, the luxury of a six-seater-chairlift, Sanna & me in front of Lake Wanaka, Andrew pointing out Mt Aspiring (3033m high) to Sanna,¬†and finally, the well deserved beer at famous Waterbar after a great day on the mountain.

Off to another road trip across New Zealand

My time is Auckland is almost over and I am just about to leave to travel all the way across New Zealand to Wanaka, my new home for the next couple of months. I had planned to fly down but lucky as I am I sorted a car that needs to be transferred from Auckland to Queenstown (which is just a mountain range further south from Wanaka). There’s also a couple of people I want to see as I travel south so I’ll stop in New Plymouth, Wellington and Christchurch before I get into my new home. I’ll try to keep you posted during my travels and also show you a picture of my new ride!

What I’ve been busy with last week…

It’s been a while since I last posted and I feel terribly ashamed for leaving you guys in the unknown – especially during the first week after my arrival, where you might be most curious about things going on over here.¬†Believe it or not I’ve been quite busy and among the many things I could share with you are… pictures from the many beaches around here that I’ve visited last week and how I am always blown away by the beauty of this country. why you should never, never ever, let the blonde dog off her leash on a black sand beach when you’ve just been giving her a good wash. pictures from some of the many bush walks in the Waitakere Ranges and getting ridiculously dirty in Kauri forest mud. Any why there are cleaning sprayers provided at the entrance and exit of each bush track. how I ended up meeting a crazy Canadian Oscar winner and hearing about the daily struggles of a Visual Effects artist while composing a film scene of dwarfs …