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Bluebird Days at Cardrona Alpine Resort

Wow, what an amazing week! We are in the middle of a fine weather period and every day up at Cardrona is a stunner. Plus, I am on the kids programme again which means four days with the same kids, lots of fun activities such as treasure hunts, dressing up, playing games and throwing snow balls at your ski instructor. Hope you’re having a fine week too! PS: On the downside I have to admit that my tooth still hurts like crazy. But – I’ve got another appointment at the dentist tonight and that will hopefully bring some more pain killers and the so much needed relief. Fingers crossed!

Welcome to Winter in Wanaka

The last couple of days were filled with organising my new life here in Wanaka and lots of administrative tasks such as signing the rental agreement, handing in documents and employment agreement to my employer, organising bank account & tax number to get paid, getting a couple of things I will need at the house, etc. I’m done with most of the things by now and finally have some time for a blog update. Wanaka welcomed us skibums in the probably best way possible: with snow and freezing temperatures, snow-covered mountains around the lake and sometimes even snow down to the valley (which apparently is a rather rare thing to happen in New Zealand). At the same time we got a friendly and warm welcome into the Cardrona family (Cardrona Alpine Resort is the ski field I’ll be working for this season) during a well-organised week of staff meetings, team-building workshops, study sessions, a mountain visit, safety instructions, and of course: a staff welcome party. My personal highlight of this induction week was the first …

Winter has arrived in New Zealand

As you might have seen from my beach pictures New Zealand had greeted me in a friendly way last week – with temperatures around 20 degrees and perfect t-shirt and jandal weather. Just when I started liking the idea of a mild winter Kiwi winter showed its real face and hit Auckland last night with a terrible storm and freezing cold temperatures. According to radio the peak temperature measured in Auckland today was 6.8 degrees Celsius. (Not that this would be really tough for me but did I mention there’s neither heating system nor insulation…?) Google News is full of weather coverage today and there seem to have been roads closed on both islands, snow falls down to sea level and power cuts in and around Auckland. Luckily, I wasn’t really affected by that over here – only concern were cold feet. In desperate need of really warm socks I headed to the close-by mall – wearing 1 long-sleeved merino shirt 1 Odlo thermal skiing jumper 1 fleece jumper 1 down jacket 1 rain jacket my …