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Life is not always glorious as a ski instructor

Whenever I skim through my blog I realize that my life might look amazing. Believe me, it is amazing – most of the time. And then there are days like today. When it’s pissing down, you’re soaking wet after your first group lesson and you know there’s another four hours in the rain ahead of you. Here’s the view from the magic carpet. You can probably spot it but yep – we’ve had a lot of rain last night and today. But then there’s also the fun part of the rain – such as the rather huge area of – let’s call it – very wet snow (a.k.a. water) at the bottom of McDougalls (a chairlift at Cardrona). “Listen up, kids! See that lake down there? It’s your lucky day because we’re going to do some water skiing today! Go as fast as you can and let’s see who makes it over the water! Are you going to make it, Johnny?” Full speed ahead and we all made it – even tiny Johnny! Coming home was priceless, even …

Opening weekend at Cardrona

Our ski field is finally open and we’re all really happy about that – especially if you consider the snow situation in New Zealand. Other Kiwi fields like Treble Cone, Mt Ruapehu or The Remarkables could not yet open and it’s thanks to our amazing grooming and snow making  crew (who did magic with the 20 cm snow base) that we have slopes to teach on. First days back at ski school were good fun and were a good reminder why I love doing this so much. In between we have enough time for fun runs amongst ourselves, freshly baked muffins at the café and catching up with ski instructors from around the world. When we finally take the vans down the mountain I am most of the time pretty knackered, just looking forward to the essentials: shower, food, sleep. It’s getting better though and sometimes I even make it to happy hour for some social drinks.

The Cardrona Season in moving images

Just came across this video from Kevin – my locker-room neighbor at Cardrona and the only German I met on the mountain (which is quite uncommon as New Zealand in general seems to be full of Germans). Anyway, Kevin did an awesome wrap up of the season in video format. And although he worked in a different department this pretty much reflects what the season in Wanaka felt like (including the early wake-up, fun workouts at the trampolining places, etc.) Just replace the half pipe with the magic carpet & ski beginners and the slopestyle with more terrain skiing and you get what my world looked like (although I missed the dress-up at closing day which looks like it was good fun).

Windy up the mountain, calm in my mouth

Two days later and my situation has completely changed: While in my last post it was fine weather and tooth aches it’s now the other way round. We had strong winds up the mountain today that made it – let’s say – “challenging” to keep my kids entertained and “on the chairlift”. But hey – I am always up for a challenge! The good news is that my pain situation has improved a lot: The antibiotics I got from the dentist on Tuesday are doing their job pretty well and I had my first day without painkillers since two weeks today. Hooray! Plus: I have two days off now and can’t tell you how excited I am. Will keep you posted what I am up to!

Bluebird Days at Cardrona Alpine Resort

Wow, what an amazing week! We are in the middle of a fine weather period and every day up at Cardrona is a stunner. Plus, I am on the kids programme again which means four days with the same kids, lots of fun activities such as treasure hunts, dressing up, playing games and throwing snow balls at your ski instructor. Hope you’re having a fine week too! PS: On the downside I have to admit that my tooth still hurts like crazy. But – I’ve got another appointment at the dentist tonight and that will hopefully bring some more pain killers and the so much needed relief. Fingers crossed!

Antibiotics, painkillers, sunburns and lots of work

I had a slight tooth ache coming up over the weekend which turned into a massive pain over the last couple of nights. Luckily I got an appointment at the dentist on Wednesday, but unluckily one tooth needed a root canal treatment. Ouch! There still remains an infection somewhere but as the pain is pretty much everywhere on the left side of the cheek the dentist has a bit of trouble locating what could be the cause of my pain…. oh well, it will be painkillers for the rest of the week as the mountain is pretty busy and staying at home is probably not a realistic option during the school holidays. Hang in there!