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Work hard, play harder. When the Austrian crew goes partying

My last week in Wanaka is filled with fun, too much fun sometimes. So it happened that after a sweaty night of Dancing in the Dark on Wednesday and crazy dancing at the staff party on Thursday we celebrated our fellow Ski Instructor Markus’ birthday on Friday. Lederhosen, Party Hats and Beer pong where just some of the highlights while I was there…. unfortunately I missed what happened after midnight – but getting up early on Saturday morning for a skiing road trip to Ohau was a pretty good excuse to head home. Happy Birthday, Markus – thanks for the fun night!

We’re all in this together – aren’t we? Well, not at staff parties.

As I think about it – staff parties are somehow very reflective of the company culture. I’ve seen them BMW style – where it’s all about the style and very classy, IKEA style – where it’s all about the fun and the people and now Cardrona style – where, to me it seems, it’s a lot about the alcohol and some seriously crazy partying. Or is that because of its employees? Last year, I didn’t know what to expect: I bought my staff party tickets – consisting of entry, bus to the venue, food voucher and four drink vouchers, hopped on the bus to the Albert Town Tavern and stepped into the Pub without expectations – but was surprised anyway: The tables were pushed to the sides to create a wide and empty space – no tables, no sitting opportunity, just a huge empty room. Everybody who was already there huddled together like a herd of sheep in one corner of the room and chatted in little groups. Since there was nothing in the room, not …

The best nights are when there’s not enough time to take pictures

The day I officially turned 30 was terrible: I was sick, alone and mostly asleep. Back then I had taken the decision to postpone my birthday by exactly three months and 160 lines of longitude. From 3 October 2013 to 03 January, from Wellington to Ebensee. And so it happened! Last Friday some good friends came along to celebrate in style and it was pure joy to see all those faces again. Thanks to everyone involved – my Mum for temporarily moving out, all the friends for traveling to Ebensee (which is tricky, I know), special thanks to Magdalena for chopping up chicken and veggies for a 20 person yellow curry, the FH choir for composing and singing a song and of course all those lovely presents. You all know how perfect they were! Since I didn’t really have time to take pictures during the party I’ll steal one of Madeleine’s, showing me & the study buddies after their special performance. Hope to see all of you again soon – also the ones not in …

Welcome to the family, Mrs. Carmen Lackerbauer!

It’s a big day as my brother Tom got married to his beautiful wife Carmen last night. Congratulations to the newly weds and thanks for letting me join from New Zealand via Skype. Wish I was there in person though, would have loved to be part of the ceremony, see the happy faces & the occasional tear and all the crazy Lackerbauer family action going on. Wishing you two all the best for your future life together. With love from New Zealand, Eva