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A long weekend with Rob: Walking, talking and great food

I still owe you guys a report from last weekend here in New Zealand. That’s probably an update most of you are curious about as it involves former boyfriend Rob. And from all the messages and mails I got from you since launching this blog I can assure you that THE most frequently asked question is: How are things with Rob these days? To cut a long story short and disappoint all of you: The love story is over since a while and Rob and me are just good friends now. Even fantastic friends I would say. 

Enough words – here’s what we’ve been up to in pictures: We kicked off Saturday with a hike to the Kitekite Falls deep in Piha Valley’s rainforest. Ruby seemed to be stoked to join us, putting on her smiling face. Piha_Falls

We then stopped at South Piha to have a look at the waves, an interesting chat to a Surf Coach and a quick snack with views of the beach before heading into our next adventure: the Marawhara Track which took us from North Piha up to Anawhata Road, further out to Te Waha Point rewarded with stunning views along the west coast and back via the Laird Thomson Track to North Piha beach. We finished our active day with the Mercer Bay Track – perfectly timed for the sunset and enjoying the views from a clifftop. Mercer_Bay

Back home Rob cooked up a lush roasted veggie dinner, accompanied by a creative beetroot-rocket-feta-salad and a fire in the chimney. We played cards, talked about life, and by the time he started playing the guitar I had fallen asleep on the couch. Best way to end a day like that.

Sunday morning I dragged Rob along to one of the markets – which was described as Polynesian so I was expecting tropic fruits and food I hadn’t seen before but in the end it wasn’t as exotic as I thought it would be. We still left the market with a bag full of fresh herbs and vegetables. In hope for a good surf we returned to Piha that day but spent the day with walks & talks on the beach, having a picnic with our feet in the black sand and a little hike at the Southern end of Piha Beach (which had amazing views over the bay and the surfers). As always Piha wished farewell with an amazing sunset….


I had to be at uni that evening so I left Rob home alone with Ruby and by the time I got back they had come up with a delicious fish curry. How great to have your personal chef around!

Monday we hit the road northwards with destination Muriwai Beach. A spectacular cliff walk gave us good views on multiple surf breaks and we spent hours just watching waves breaking. Rob had to go back home that day and as that’s quite a drive we left Muriwai beach rather early so he could get into his good old car and hit the road southwards again.Muriwai_Beach

It was a great weekend and for me it again proved that former boyfriends can indeed become very good friends, if not the best friends ever. Rob knows pretty much all my weaknesses and I guess there is nothing really that I can’t talk about with him. Sometimes I have the impression that Rob is a five-year-old in a grown up body (when he’s getting excited about scaring me or waving farts my way because he knows I don’t like it) – a minute later he seems like a 85-year-old with all that wisdom coming out of his words and stories. It was definitely good memory making this weekend and I am thankful that Rob made the long trip to come see me. And I am stoked to have such a precious person in my life. Get in touch with your ex-boyfriends or ex-girlfriends, people – there might be an amazing friend awaiting you.

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