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Back in Piha paradise. Back to surfing. Back to magic sunsets.

My first day in Piha couldn’t have been any better. A sunny drive down Piha road (and if you know that drive you know how magic it can be), my first surf in ages, an after surf drink by the beach and then this stunning sunset with great company. And after a perfect day came a perfect evening with the family and the girls I had been missing badly over the last couple of months. I sneaked into the house and was lucky enough to be just in time for some stunning singing performances by the girls, followed by delicious dinner and an evening that couldn’t have been any better for my first day back in Piha. Ah, so grateful for all those magic experiences out here….

A long weekend with Rob: Walking, talking and great food

I still owe you guys a report from last weekend here in New Zealand. That’s probably an update most of you are curious about as it involves former boyfriend Rob. And from all the messages and mails I got from you since launching this blog I can assure you that THE most frequently asked question is: How are things with Rob these days? To cut a long story short and disappoint all of you: The love story is over since a while and Rob and me are just good friends now. Even fantastic friends I would say.  Enough words – here’s what we’ve been up to in pictures: We kicked off Saturday with a hike to the Kitekite Falls deep in Piha Valley’s rainforest. Ruby seemed to be stoked to join us, putting on her smiling face.  We then stopped at South Piha to have a look at the waves, an interesting chat to a Surf Coach and a quick snack with views of the beach before heading into our next adventure: the Marawhara Track …