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The Forgotten World Highway

Believe it or not – this is considered a highway in New Zealand. The Forgotten World Highway to be precise. Having stayed at Rob’s family’s place for a couple of days in the beautiful Taranaki it was time for me to head on and since I already know the other two routes out of New Plymouth I opted for the scenic route via Highway 43. And oh, how scenic it was! The 155km adventure starts in Stratford, just behind Mt Taranaki (a volcano) and ends in Taumaranui on the Central Plateau, with Mt Ruapehu (another volcano) just in front of you.  The road itself is a windy one, leading through untamed bush, rainforest, over hills covered in sheep and stunning scenery. Half-way through you arrive in Whangamomona, a tiny collection of houses and a famous Pub. Tales are that after a fight over water between two neighboring districts the village of Whangamomona declared itself a Republic in 1989 – with its own elections and celebrations of Republic Day in January which apparently attracts thousands of …

On the road again – from Wellington to Taranaki

Hi lovely people! Just a quick update from this side of the world: After so many days snoozing in Wellington it was time to move on – up the coast to Taranaki. The drive is about five hours but of course it took me way longer – stopping at beautiful beaches, putting my feet into the black sand, watching the waves and just soaking up the sunshine. T-Shirt weather, finally! Enjoy your sunday while I enjoy another night of much needed sleep.

Tiny little stumbling stones on my South Island road trip

After a little sickness had delayed my departure from Wanaka I finally jumped into my packed car on Tuesday and hit the road northwards. And oh, what a feeling of freedom! Reminded me of the good old road trip times with Goldie & Maggie last year. On day two and after a night in Christchurch the hassle started showing up on the horizon – first with a little drizzle which soon turned into a major storm along the coast. Windy as (it was) I decided to have a little break and parked Fugly (my f…. ugly car) on a parking spot between the road and the Pacific. Well, those who have ever been in Fugly before know that the sliding door window slightly opens up – something I tried to fix with duct tape. But obviously not well enough for the mighty storm which went over New Zealand’s east coast that day. When I got out of the car to re-attach the tape I almost got blown away and hurried back into the car – …

Seeing the positive sides of post-earthquake Christchurch

The last times I drove through Christchurch I was shocked – by the empty streets of the CBD, the cracks in the houses, the ruins of cathedrals and office buildings. Back then I remember feeling relieved when I could leave the city and its sad vibe behind. Driving through on my way up to the North Island, I decided to open my eyes for the not so obvious stuff, to look behind the ruins and cracks and find the hidden gems of a resurrecting city.  And this time I was almost sad when I  left, wishing I had more time to explore the projects and happy corners of the city. Here’s a collection of the projects that surprised me the most – in a positive way: Idea #1: Rekindle transforms wood that got disposed of on demolition sites into furniture Idea #2: The Re:START area is a bright, colourful open air shopping mall in between the ruins, built of prefabricated shipping containers with the goal to offer a retail space to Christchurch inhabitants and businesses …

Me & my car + some alone time + a beautiful sunset = Happiness

Life sometimes gets so busy that you forget the simple pleasures of life.  Like a good read, healthy food, some alone time and the beauty of a sunset in a lonely bay. Put all that together and you get a pretty accurate picture of what my Sunday looked like. It was about time to spend some time with myself, quieten down my mind and listen to my heart again. Plus, I have to admit my car is pretty perfect for those kind of activities. Now I can’t wait to take Fugly on another road trip to explore more of the beauty this country has to offer.

Exploring Lake Wanaka on our day off

We recently went on a little road trip along the shores of Lake Wanaka – the lake we all live at. We drove via Glendhu Bay to the access road to Treble Cone where we hiked up to a waterfall, had a little chat to the local sheep and just enjoyed some fresh air and time off. On our way back we had a little picnic on one of the local beaches and finished our trip with coffee in front of a fire at a local café. Thanks girls for a relaxing day out! Photos below by fellow road trippers Sanna, Manuela, Selina and myself.