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Team Scandinavia vs. Team Austria (while Team USA gave up)

Week One at Ski School was a slow one so we’re still full of energy for fun activities on our days and nights off. My Austrian friend Kathi and me had a big (and particularly long) night on Friday so it wasn’t easy to get up early for a hike on Saturday – but I’m glad we did! We headed up Mt Roy with our two Scandinavian friends Veina & Sanna (who turned out to be hiking racehorses) and my two American flatmates Ruby & Doriana (who decided to turn around half way up). Let’s say Kathi and me settled in between…. given our shape from the night before we had no chance of catching up with our two sporty Scandinavian friends. But we promised to get in shape for our next hike! Or rather take Veina & Sanna out partying the night before…. and then we’ll see who’s up there first (probably still them). Thanks for the lovely hike, girls.

Russ doing roast and Steve having cream (with a slice of cake)

The season has barely started and Sanna and me already managed to invite ourselves to Russ’ place for dinner…. easy! Sanna: We should do a dinner anytime soon? Russ? Russ: Ahem….Okay…. Sanna: Mhm, Roast would be great! Russ: Roast it is. Sanna: I’ll bring the wine! Me: And I’ll make a cake! Russ: ….. Sanna: Thursday night? Russ: …. Thursday night. Sanna: Seven o’clock. Russ: …. Sanna: Deal. If you know Russ you also know he likes talking. But there wasn’t much talking needed, it happened so quick that he had no chance. So Thursday came – and because we thought Wine & Cake wasn’t enough to bring along we also brought housemates Steve, Veina & Mikko, Russ invited his landlord and Nico and although it was on rather short notice it was a great night… I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves. And even though it looks like Dinner consisted of cake only, there was roast before that! Followed by a lesson how to make proper stock and Sanna taking the pot home on her lap. Thanks, Russ for …

Autumn living in Wanaka, waiting for winter to arrive

When you’re wandering the streets and hills of Wanaka you wouldn’t believe that it’s actually winter time. The mild temperatures and sunshine rather feel like autumn and make for perfect hiking weather. I’ve been up Mt Iron a couple of times which has great views of Lake Wanaka and the town, walked along the lake and on Wednesday we did a little road trip to Queenstown. Nothing exciting really but a nice way to fill the time until season properly kicks off.

The best nights are when there’s not enough time to take pictures

The day I officially turned 30 was terrible: I was sick, alone and mostly asleep. Back then I had taken the decision to postpone my birthday by exactly three months and 160 lines of longitude. From 3 October 2013 to 03 January, from Wellington to Ebensee. And so it happened! Last Friday some good friends came along to celebrate in style and it was pure joy to see all those faces again. Thanks to everyone involved – my Mum for temporarily moving out, all the friends for traveling to Ebensee (which is tricky, I know), special thanks to Magdalena for chopping up chicken and veggies for a 20 person yellow curry, the FH choir for composing and singing a song and of course all those lovely presents. You all know how perfect they were! Since I didn’t really have time to take pictures during the party I’ll steal one of Madeleine’s, showing me & the study buddies after their special performance. Hope to see all of you again soon – also the ones not in …

Finally skiing Treble Cone

Incredible that I’ve lived here for a full season already but actually never made it up to Wanaka’s other ski field, called Treble Cone. It was about time we headed up there and with Rachel, driving her old Japanese ambulance – transformed Campervan up there, it was the perfect opportunity to get a couple of Cardrona instructors together to check out the competition. When some Treble Cone ski instructors charmingly called Cardrona the “flat white” because of it’s lacking steepness I didn’t understand. But now – having seen Treble Cone’s steep couloirs, bowls and all the fun off piste skiing – I completely agree. Enough words – here are some pictures from our fun day, starting with out ride in the bespoken ambulance, the luxury of a six-seater-chairlift, Sanna & me in front of Lake Wanaka, Andrew pointing out Mt Aspiring (3033m high) to Sanna, and finally, the well deserved beer at famous Waterbar after a great day on the mountain.

Powderday! Snowalert! Work it, girls!

After last night’s blog post I quickly got up from the couch to check my bedroom temperature but with chilly 7 degrees there I decided that I would rather sleep in the living room where the fire was still going and the wind was howling in the chimney. My wake up call this morning was my roommate Jo who was super-excited and told me she’s going to Ohau Ski Field – a tiny hill two hours north of Wanaka (with one chairlift by the way!) because it’s a Powderday! That made me think I should tell you guys something about New Zealand Powderdays – a phenomenon very interesting to us foreign ski instructors because Kiwis get absolutely crazy about tiny amounts of snow. And when I say tiny we really talk about centimeters. To give you some examples – here are some recent Facebook updates of the Wanaka ski fields Treble Cone & Cardrona:w     When Treble Cone has had 10 to 15 cm of snow it’s already massive for New Zealand so I can …

International Dinner at our house

Following our payday dinners and lots of food talk during our lunch breaks we recently came up with the idea of having an international dinner at our house – where everybody had to bring a culinary delight from their country. And I have to admit that I am amazed by the cooking skills of my fellow ski instructors: The Americans brought Mac & Cheese plus Apple pie for dessert, Slovakia was present with Herula (a delicious potato-based dish), Slivovitz (similar to Schnaps) & Apfelstrudel (Plagiarism!), the Italian girls brought Pizza, Jo from New Zealand made a delicious bread loaf filled with onion dip, Argentina provided delicious Tarta de Atùn, Nicola – the Austrian-English colleague – brought berry pie, Sanna from Sweden made delicious Köttbullar med brunsås and Kanelbullar for dessert (one of my favourites) and Austria was represented by Apfelstrudel & Radler. Oh, and we really appreciated the effort from the English girls – by bringing along a can of baked beans, crackers and shortbread from the UK. Breakfast today consisted of leftovers – but …