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A long weekend with Rob: Walking, talking and great food

I still owe you guys a report from last weekend here in New Zealand. That’s probably an update most of you are curious about as it involves former boyfriend Rob. And from all the messages and mails I got from you since launching this blog I can assure you that THE most frequently asked question is: How are things with Rob these days? To cut a long story short and disappoint all of you: The love story is over since a while and Rob and me are just good friends now. Even fantastic friends I would say.  Enough words – here’s what we’ve been up to in pictures: We kicked off Saturday with a hike to the Kitekite Falls deep in Piha Valley’s rainforest. Ruby seemed to be stoked to join us, putting on her smiling face.  We then stopped at South Piha to have a look at the waves, an interesting chat to a Surf Coach and a quick snack with views of the beach before heading into our next adventure: the Marawhara Track …

Look who’s here for a visit!

It’s a long weekend here in New Zealand because of Queen’s Birthday on Monday so Rob drove up the coast to spend the weekend here. We had a great day yesterday around Piha Beach, doing a couple of bush walks with Ruby, hanging out at the beach and watching the surf. Evening was great too with a fire in the chimney, a lush dinner à la Roberto full of great veggies such as yams (first time for me) and me falling asleep on the couch while Rob played the guitar. Now we just had brekkie and are off to the polynesian market. Catch you later with new stories from Auckland.

How we met Shane…

I mentioned Shane in an earlier post and it’s about time to properly introduce him: Shane is a genuine Kiwi (that’s how you call a real New Zealander) and lives and works in the outskirts of Auckland. He’s one of those people you simply adore for his openness, friendliness and that particular kind of humor he has – and his hospitality of course. How we met Shane is actually a funny story to be shared: Last year I went on a road trip through New Zealand and soon after my arrival I picked up my Austrian friend Maggie (who I still knew from my studies) from Auckland airport. Knowing there wouldn’t be any good camping spots in downtown Auckland we headed straight to Piha, a lovely beach town on New Zealand’s west coast. We arrived late at night and not seeing anything we followed our ears and parked the van on a giant parking spot where we suspected the ocean. It was only the morning after when we peeked out of the car that we …

Painful farewell to the Austrian Ski Instructor Community

My colleagues at the snow sports school where I worked over winter happen to be big fans of parties. It was only a question of time until we’d find the next reason to get together and have a couple of drinks so I was not surprised when I got the invite. Working amongst a bunch of guys I was also not surprised that we’d spend the evening with a rather masculine activity: Paintball. But I was indeed very surprised how painful this sport is! Still counting my bruises but have to admit it was good to see you again, guys!

Powderday in Chamonix

Looking outside the window this morning I didn’t feel very tempted to even get out of bed but knowing myself well enough after 29 years I have learned how to trick myself. And it was so worth getting out there! We – Malin, Mehdi and me that is – went to Argentière, close to Chamonix (France) and it took us quite a long queue to get up to the top at 3295m altitude. But every minute was worth the wait and we were rewarded with stunning views! Here’s a couple of pictures from our way down.    Thanks to the weather gods for making this powder day possible – on a 21 April. And huge thanks to Malin and Mehdi for those fun runs & stunts. Hope to ski with you again some day.

Home again at Lake Geneva

After a fun night in Zurich with amazing Anca, Lunch with my former boyfriend at Lake Zug and a short visit to Lucerne I’ve made it all the way to my old home: Lausanne at lake Geneva. My friend Malin still lives here with her boyfriend and we spent a lovely day hanging out at the lake, having coffee, catching up on life and brainstorming about future adventures. Ah, what a delight to have a friend like Malin!