Dancing, Happiness, Social Life in a Ski Town, Wanaka
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Dance like no one is watching – because in the dark no one is!

There’s a couple of things that make me not only happy but “to-the-moon-and-back-happy” – Dancing is one of them. Last year I’ve been to a real fun dance session here in Wanaka and as soon as I knew I’d be back this winter I decided that I would make it a weekly regular on my ski instructor schedule. Tonight was one of those evenings where I really needed some cheering up after a bad day at work and it was pure bliss to dance away all the sorrows, stress and self-questioning from an awful day on the mountain.

No_lights_no_lycraDancing in the Dark – picture by No Lights, No Lycra.

Some of you might argue that they are not good at dancing, that they feel awkward to dance in front of other people or like one of the fellow ski instructors put it: “I need a couple of drinks before I can bust out my dance moves – and as soon as I’ve had those couple of drinks, my balance & coordination of body parts might not be the best any more” – I guess all of us know that feeling, but what if there was a solution to that? The “No-Lights-No-Lycra” initiative is one solution and we are lucky that it happens in the tiny town of Wanaka.

As the name suggests it’s a dance session where there is no light and no lycra (what dance students usually wear) – but also no routine, no steps to learn, no right or wrong and no instructor to correct you. As soon as the music starts pumping the lights go out and everybody is dancing as if no one is watching – because in the dark nobody is. There’s just a tiny little lamp from grandma’s bed-side table that dimly lights up the dance studio – and you can only guess the shadows twisting and swirling through the room. And oh, the music! It’s a combination of wishes from the participants and some tracks from the organizers but I must say the Wanaka DJ is doing a terrific job of mixing and matching just the right tracks to create a happy dance floor. One song topped the other and whenever I thought I’d take it easy on the next track I just couldn’t stop my feet from moving as soon as the rhythm kicked in.

Being in the dark allowed me to lose myself in the music, to completely turn off my brain and forget all the sorrows from the day. I had been beating myself up all day because of an incident on the slopes that shouldn’t have happened and couldn’t stop accusing myself for the mistake I had made. Immersing myself in the music and the movement shook off all the stress and worries and after sixty sweaty minutes my tired skiing muscles had forgotten that they’d been on a cold mountain all day.

No Lights No Lycra will definitely become a regular on my wednesdays while in Wanaka and I would love to see some familiar faces there!
If you’re in Wanaka and want to join have a look at the NLNL Wanaka Facebook page.
And for all my friends around the world who like the idea – find out on the global No Light NLNL Website whether there’s a dance session close to you.

Here’s one of the tracks that really gets my feet itching and moving every time I hear it – and this guy’s dance moves are pretty sweet as well. Put on your dance shoes and twist along like no one’s watching!

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