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Russ doing roast and Steve having cream (with a slice of cake)

The season has barely started and Sanna and me already managed to invite ourselves to Russ’ place for dinner…. easy!

Sanna: We should do a dinner anytime soon? Russ?
Russ: Ahem….Okay….
Sanna: Mhm, Roast would be great!
Russ: Roast it is.
Sanna: I’ll bring the wine!
Me: And I’ll make a cake!
Russ: …..
Sanna: Thursday night?
Russ: …. Thursday night.
Sanna: Seven o’clock.
Russ: ….
Sanna: Deal.

If you know Russ you also know he likes talking. But there wasn’t much talking needed, it happened so quick that he had no chance. So Thursday came – and because we thought Wine & Cake wasn’t enough to bring along we also brought housemates Steve, Veina & Mikko, Russ invited his landlord and Nico and although it was on rather short notice it was a great night…

I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves. And even though it looks like Dinner consisted of cake only, there was roast before that! Followed by a lesson how to make proper stock and Sanna taking the pot home on her lap. Thanks, Russ for the hospitality, the great stories shared and the cooking classes. We’ll come again soon!


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