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Another sad Airport Farewell with Rob


Farewells are bad enough in general but they get even worse with Rob. He dropped me off at Auckland airport this morning (and I’m endlessly thankful that he got up early with made and drove me out there) and as usual saying good-bye wasn’t easy at all. Having a multi-cultural relationship / friendship comes with tough farewells by definition but today was an especially rough one since I don’t know when I’ll get to see Rob again (but I’m positive I’ll see him again sometime).

What makes it even harder is that Rob’s a bit of a softy (in a good way) and is never ashamed to shed a tear or two…. I learned that during our first major good-bye at Melbourne Airport three years ago (see picture above, sorry for sharing your teary face, Rob but I know being a real man you won’t have a problem with it). Today wasn’t any different so I got out the camera for a souvenir picture before the tears came up (see picture below). And yes, the tears were flowing again but Rob convinced me it’s a good thing to share your emotions when you’re sad about leaving a great friend. I struggled hard to keep my tears down but they eventually found their way out as soon as I’d walked away….


PS: Isn’t it funny how we both changed  with getting older but at the same time not? Rob’s still having the same vest from Melbourne, I’m still into wearing blue and black and we’re still looking pretty good together.
PPS: Did you notice that I’m wearing seven layers of clothing to avoid paying excess luggage fees? Traveling with your skis sucks but today I was lucky to not pay any excess fees, hooray! A good start into my time in Wanaka….

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