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Happy Father’s Day wishes to all the special Dads out there


While it’s just another sunday over here in New Zealand, it’s a special day back home in Europe, at least for all the Dads out there. I’ve just been on the phone with mine (who’s the best, obviously!) and suddenly realized: The older I get the happier it makes me to see my Dad happy. So here’s to all the great Dads out there who are always there when we need them, who cheer us up when we need encouragement, who suffer when we do, who love us, no matter what, who teach us so much about life, to the ones who worry when we are sick, the ones who come along on our adventures, from near or far, re-living every minute – no matter whether in real life or on our blogs . Stay as awesome as you are and hopefully there are times when we kids can give back to you as much as you’re giving to us.

Picture above made with love from spirula shells on Karekare’s black sand beach.

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