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The best nights are when there’s not enough time to take pictures

The day I officially turned 30 was terrible: I was sick, alone and mostly asleep. Back then I had taken the decision to postpone my birthday by exactly three months and 160 lines of longitude. From 3 October 2013 to 03 January, from Wellington to Ebensee. And so it happened!

Last Friday some good friends came along to celebrate in style and it was pure joy to see all those faces again. Thanks to everyone involved – my Mum for temporarily moving out, all the friends for traveling to Ebensee (which is tricky, I know), special thanks to Magdalena for chopping up chicken and veggies for a 20 person yellow curry, the FH choir for composing and singing a song and of course all those lovely presents. You all know how perfect they were!

Since I didn’t really have time to take pictures during the party I’ll steal one of Madeleine’s, showing me & the study buddies after their special performance. Hope to see all of you again soon – also the ones not in the picture.


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