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The annual Christmas craziness with the L*ckerbauers


Last Christmas my brother, his girlfriend and me had the brilliant idea to escape the craziness by being absent on the 24th December, the main day of Christmas celebrations in Austria. A plan that didn’t work out because once we came back home on the 25th we realized that the craziness was still around, we could not run from it. On the contrary, the shock was even bigger since we had just arrived from far away.

This year we didn’t even try to escape it, the plan was to get used to the family craziness ahead of Christmas, go with the flow and trying to keep it low. And surprisingly it worked out, at least speaking on my behalf. There still were moments of oddness, e.g. our uncle disturbing our aunt’s special violin concert with a bum note on purpose, our grandma opening the wrong present and enjoying her new super-stylish sunglasses that actually belonged to someone else or when my newly wed brother and sister-in-law got a romantic getaway weekend with the hint “to finally get that little bun in the oven”. But to be honest: Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without it. And especially when you’ve been away for a while I was actually looking forward to this cosy craziness.

DSC00848 DSC00840




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