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Last night in Bangkok

I admit: I have not been a huge fan of Bangkok – until last night. I came to see a completely different side of this city, no longer dirty and loud but rather stylish and trendy – thanks to my friend Bob, a Kiwi who has lived in Bangkok for years now and knows all the hip spaces and places. Bob wanted to show me all the hidden gems of Sukhumvit’s Soi 11, a trendy side street of Sukhumvit’s main road – and oh, the places we’ve seen!

We started with a drink at Cheap Charlie’s where my personal highlight was a sign telling that they were now offering a toilet – for ladies only and kindly asking for “no shit, only pee”. Next stop was a lovely garden restaurant with live music where almost at the end of my Thailand trip I finally got to taste some delicious fish cake and chicken in banana leaves. We headed on to another garden bar where a Thai interpreted traditional western christmas carols the Thai jazz way on his guitar – interesting sums it up pretty well. But the highlight definitely was our last stop: an elevator took us high up and the terrace built on the roof top was full of full of hip people, a sandy stretch, beach chairs, palm trees and cosy lounges. They had a brilliant Drum’n’Bass combo playing – be just see the place for yourself:

I could have stayed forever, dancing the night away but knowing I had to catch a flight early the next day I left around midnight. But even on the way home Bob couldn’t resist to drag me into one last bar – where another awesome band was playing, this time an authentic big band which sounded like straight from New Orleans.


And all of a sudden I could see my 70-year-old friend Bob swinging along with pure joy so I convinced him that he should stay and that I’d find my way home safely by myself. Even the walk home was another adventure, spotting many old Kombis converted into street bars and people having a blast dancing on the streets:

DSC00779 DSC00775 DSC00780

My last night in Bangkok couldn’t have been more perfect – thanks to Bob. Once I had observed enough of Sukhumvit’s night scene I headed back to our Soi where I met my friend Magdalena again for a last midnight snack at one of the many cookshops on Soi 38. We exchanged our travel stories, insights and other wisdoms and headed back to our room because there still was some packing to do.

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