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When the penis won’t go into big noodle (which means don’t add peanuts to the big noodle dish)

When in Chiang Mai learn to cook Thai style – that was on top of my bucket list for Thailand and we probably found the perfect and most hilarious place to do so: The Organic Thai Farm Cooking School, a couple of kilometers outside of Chiang Mai with their own veggie garden. We started the day on a local market, learning about different kinds of rice, sauces, vegetables and other ingredients. Once we arrived at the farm we took our taste-buds to the garden where we were allowed to eat from every plant, fruit, herb – often with interesting facial expressions. We had all chosen the dishes we wanted to learn in advance and having all the ingredients prepared on our cooking stations it was easy to dish them up into tasty curries, pad thais and coconut milk soup. I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves:


It was still our little group of funny Upper Austrians so the laughing kept naturally going all day but the real highlight was our fantastic cooking teacher Embee. Apart from her incredible jokes her accent also earned her some unintentional laughter: She could not properly pronounce the word “peanuts” and whenever she told us where to put or not put the penis (a.k.a. peanuts) we couldn’t help but laugh with tears.

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