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Get me out of Bangkok, please!

Whenever I arrive in an Asian capital I am immediately struck by the busyness, the noise and dirt of those giant cities. Same thing in Bangkok: It is hot, steamy, loud and I constantly feel threatened by a motorbike. I have to admit it stresses me and I can’t wait to get away from here (we also came across some major demonstrations in the centre of Bangkok and only then found out that the Austrian foreign ministry had issued a travel warning for Bangkok).

How come I talk about we? It turned out that my Austrian friend Maggie flew out of Sydney the same day as me and although we were not on the same plane we almost simultaneously flew from Sydney to Bangkok. And since we’re both not huge Bangkok friends we decided to get out of here as soon as possible. Thailand’s South is currently flooded my massive rain falls so Maggie will show me her beloved Chiang Mai in Northern Thailand, hoping that the weather will improve in the South. Two of Maggie’s friends from Austria joined us as well, so here we are – four Upper Austrians with a similar sense of humor on a Thai night bus to Chiang Mai. And yes, again – there’s a lot of laughing going on….


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