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Beaches, Books and Blisters at Bondi

When I go traveling to places I have been to before my travel style somehow reminds me of a dog who’s coming home: I need to go to all my favorite places and check they’re still there. So when in Sydney I felt like I had to visit some places that meant so much to me when I was there in 2011. Back then, I had spent a considerable amount of time in Coogee – the Beach between Maroubra and world-famous Bondi. Since I stayed at Maggie’s in Maroubra Beach I thought it would be a good idea to do the cliff-top walk that stretches all along the coast from Maroubra to Bondi, passing through Coogee.

It actually was a good idea, doing it bare feet not so much. Two days earlier, during my last surf in Piha, one of my board’s fins had cut my left foot and the wound still hurt so much in my sneakers that I had to take them off half way during the walk. That wound immediately hurt less but weirdly I got two enormous blisters, one on each heel. I have never seen anything alike and they hurt all the way to Thailand until Maggie suggested to perform some surgery on them.


Anyway, the cliff top walk was worth it, even more when I arrived at Bondi Beach and went straight to one of my favorite places: Gertrude & Alice’s second hand bookshop. It’s a reader’s paradise and aside from their quality selection of books they offer delicious food and a non-comparable ambience that immediately reminds me of home.


I hung out there almost the afternoon – until I had to get back to Maggie’s to get my bags ready for the next luggage disaster on my flight to Bangkok. And guess what: The handsome guy at the check-in perfectly understood that a female blonde ski instructor has a lot of luggage and sent my ski bag down the conveyor belt without any comments or problems. Finger’s crossed that I come across a male employee at the last check-in of my journey – from Bangkok to Munich.

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