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The ingredients for my personal Piha happiness

My time in Piha is soon coming to an end and when I look back on it I discover that it has probably been the peak of my happiness journey so far. Much of it is comes from the beautiful landscape, the beach in front of me, the sand between my toes, the bird concert just outside my bedroom window in the morning, the joy I get from taking care of the three sunshine girls, …. I could go on for ages. Mostly things that you can only understand when you’ve seen, felt and lived them. Pretty boring for you, eh?

But there’s another part of my happiness that is probably easier to understand: The happiness I found within from mixing up some ingredients I found only out here: Piha is a place of No worries and complete Shamelessness – or have you ever walked on the beach in your pyjamas? I got heaps of Rest after this long and crazy winter – just listening to my body and sleeping when and where I wanted to. One of the probably biggest contributors to my happiness was my Alone time – focusing on being by myself for a couple of hours per day, reading, running, swimming, hiking, lying in the sun, exploring, observing, climbing, writing, dreaming, playing in the waves. Add some creative expression to that, a bit of non-comparing, lots of imperfection, laughing at my morning face in the bathroom mirror and you get my personal Piha happiness.

Ingredients_flowmarket.comPicture via The FLOWmarket.

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