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Re-discovering the kid in me (and the proud scribble-sharer)

To me, working with kids is a delight itself and a huge joy in my life. But even better is that I get to be a kid again, too. So it happens in Piha these days: When the kids get home from school we go on jungle adventures and fallen branches suddenly become dangerous snakes, we go to the beach and pretend that waves are trying to swallow us, we collect fallen leaves from the garden and magically turn them into fish or rocks turn into gold nuggets that we need to dig out of the black sand. Even the trip to the supermarket turns into an experience when Poppy strolls through the alleys with her self-made shopping list and tries to hunt down Cheerios, broccoli and salami sticks.

IMG_20131029_163922 IMG_20131103_175427 IMG_20131104_105705

I quite enjoy being out and about with the girls so today I set up a nature scavenger hunt (eine Natur-Schatzsuche, für Opa, Oma & alle anderen die das Wort noch nie gehört haben). I gave the girls a list of things that they needed to find in the garden and the goal was to come up with something creative out of all the treasures they collected. I was so impressed with their results that I decided to share them with you.

Now let me tell you that I used to be the kind of person who secretly gets annoyed by people who keep posting pics of their kids’ art wondering: What’s that scribble even supposed to be? But since I am taking care of these girls I have taken them straight into my heart and it makes my heart jump when I see their creativity and joy. For the first time I understand how proud parents and caretakers get of their littles ones and why they share their scribbles, arts & crafts. And I am afraid that I am turning into that scribble-sharer too. Hope you don’t mind that I proudly present the results of today’s kids activity – even though they have nothing to do with mountains but so much with my happiness (and that’s the topic of this blog anyway, right?)

So here we go – following are pictures of …

(1) the list of treasures that the girls needed to find
(2) what four year-old Poppy came up with sticking hers onto a piece of paper
(3) seven year-old Emmy decided to turn the treasures into a drawing
(4) and nine year-old Annie crafted a sculpture out of litter, leaves, rocks, shells, mosaic stones and plants

IMG_20131105_230923 IMG_20131105_231132 IMG_20131105_231050 IMG_20131105_231238

We had a blast today and I already have so many more ideas swirling around in my head of what the next adventure will be about. But what’s best about it is that I can let my inner kid out, let it play and get lost in games and fairy tales. When I play with the girls and we pretend to be vampires, explorers or gymnasts I forget the world around me, anything becomes possible and I live in the moment. And that is a happiness that is unbeatable – you should try it too. Or when did you last get involved in play and let your inner kid out? Go borrow one of the kids in your circle of friends and forget the world around you for a tiny while. But watch out – you might turn into a scribble-sharer too.

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