Piha, Working with Kids
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Life as an Au Pair in a beach paradise west of Auckland


It’s been a while since I last posted but honestly – would you be bothered spending your time in front of a computer blogging if you lived at a beach like that? Life out here on the beach is so relaxed and chilled that I sometimes forget there’s a world out there that keeps spinning and friends who keep asking themselves where the heck I am.

I am in Piha, a small beach town approximately one hour outside of Auckland and since three weeks I live and work here as an Au Pair. While I was traveling through the country, sending many applications and not getting any (serious) replies I was ready to give up, change my flight dates and return home earlier to get healthy and fit for the winter season. And just then – when I expected it least – the opportunity to work and live with a Kiwi family showed up. In brief that means I take care of three lovely girls, get them to school and kindergarten in the morning, go on fun adventures in the afternoon and give my all in the evenings to get them clean, with brushed teeth, filled bellies and healthy into their beds. That can be quite a challenge at times but at the same time it is extremely rewarding and I couldn’t have any better job.

But there’s more to come: The house I currently live in is probably as close to the beach as any house in Piha gets. How nice is it to wake up, just walk across the street and put your bare feet in the warm sand? Plus, Piha is known as a neat surf spot in New Zealand and although I still haven’t surfed yet I just love watching the waves and hearing the surf from my bed. And – probably best of all – I no longer need long pants, down jackets or beanies – not to mention socks! Piha life is lived with bare feet and all you need is a pair of shorts, some t-shirts, sunnies or a hat. And lots of sunscreen.

Don’t want to make you any more jealous as I know you’re just heading into November and life is probably dark and grey where you are. Just wanted to give you an update and send some sunshine to the other side of the globe.

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