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The Cardrona Season in moving images

Just came across this video from Kevin – my locker-room neighbor at Cardrona and the only German I met on the mountain (which is quite uncommon as New Zealand in general seems to be full of Germans). Anyway, Kevin did an awesome wrap up of the season in video format. And although he worked in a different department this pretty much reflects what the season in Wanaka felt like (including the early wake-up, fun workouts at the trampolining places, etc.) Just replace the half pipe with the magic carpet & ski beginners and the slopestyle with more terrain skiing and you get what my world looked like (although I missed the dress-up at closing day which looks like it was good fun).


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  2. Wanaka looking a bit grey in the video!! Not the usual warm and sunny place in some of the shots, but soon I will be back there and it WILL be sunny again. Gets a bit cool up at Cardrona though, especially during the winter.

    I guess that if you are used to Austrian ski resorts, that Cardrona seemed very limited, with only a few lifts and also not so many runs. Compare it to some of the great resorts in Austria which offer so many lifts, inter-connected valleys and a huge choice of runs. But at least you will know now what NZ ski resorts are like !

    happy travels.

  3. Eva, I have no idea how I managed to find your pages, (looking for blogs on skiing and austria I think) but hope you don’t mind me reading your thoughts and adventures, which I hope I might continue to enjoy even after you have left New Zealand?! I have never made it to NZ but have fond memories of the aussies and new zealanders I met when I working in Kitzbuehel years and years ago now. Will you be working as a ski instructor in austria this winter. Alles gute. Tschuss.

    • Hello Victoria, good to see you here on these pages. Of course you are most welcome to read along – I hope the stories are entertaining and interesting for a former Kitzbühlel girl?
      Gosh, I haven’t even thought about what’s going to happen to these pages once the New Zealand adventure is over. But since it’s my virtual home while I’m away I might as well keep it for a while and take you readers along to my next adventure… which is going to be Thailand! A little bit of sun before I return to my beloved Austria. And yes, I will teach in Austria this winter.. in a small resort not far from Salzburg. Let me know if I see you there!

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