Auckland, Waitakere Ranges
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Back at Shane’s house – moving the giant Kauri log

My travels around New Zealand have come full circle – by arriving back at Shane’s house where the whole trip started about five months ago. Before setting out on my next adventure I stayed with Shane and his dog Ruby for a bit, mostly chatting, getting well looked after, crocheting while the wind was howling outside and relaxing. I was just about to pack up my car and leave when Shane asked me for a hand with getting a giant log from the back of his house onto a trailer. When I saw the size of the log I was just smiling and thinking to myself “Never ever!”. But I had underestimated Shane’s clever and creative ideas of getting the log around a corner, through the drive way and up the trailer. It took us three hours of pulling, rolling and levering but Shane was proud as when the log was finally on the trailer (or at least part of it). Looking back at it we had a good laugh about it and after a last cup of tea I finally left the cosy home away from home behind to travel on.


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