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The car break down in Ohakune


As I drove out of Ohakune the other day I thought back to the days that I had last spent in that tiny mountain village, in December 2012, after a car break down. Maggie and me were traveling through New Zealand in a 1985 Toyota Masterace van that we had transformed into our temporary home for our travels. Just a couple of days before leaving the country our good old Goldie van overheated outside of Ohakune and we had to stop immediately and sleep next to the road. Waking up the day after we discovered a giant wrecker’s place right next to us – called Smash Palace, with old wrecked cars as far as we could see. A pretty perfect place for a break down! Colin, the owner promised to help us out, but first it was time for coffee and cookies and a tour around the giant graveyard. Impressive! We stayed just outside Colin’s mechanics workshop and discovered the tiny village of Ohakune while he and his team fixed up Goldie. I didn’t see Colin this time but had a big smile on my face as I drove past Smash Palace and the spot where we broke down.

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