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That title alone – in combination with my ever undecided personality – is a paradox itself. Those who know me well probably remember how bad I am at making decisions, how long it takes me and even long after I’ve made a decision I still ask myself “What if the other option would have been the better choice?”. Clever as life is it keeps confronting us with our weaknesses – in my case making choices and so I had to deal with some choices lately.

When I was diagnosed with glandular fever some weeks ago the doctor made it very clear that it would affect my energy levels quite badly and that I shouldn’t do any sports for the next weeks, let alone ski instructing. With four weeks of the NZ winter season left I found it very hard to accept that my season would end earlier, that I wouldn’t be able to go up the mountain any more and hang out with my ski instructor friends. With a stubborn mind I thought I could overrule my body and still go up, do some indoor work and occasionally teach a lesson or two. But whenever the mind doesn’t listen, the body will eventually make you listen. So did mine and after it forced me back onto the couch (or wherever else I would spontaneously fall asleep) I finally came at peace with the idea that my season is indeed over.

So here I was – with two months left on my working visa and no plan. It was about time for some choices and just at the right time this video caught my eye:


Being a slow decider it took me a while to make my choices but I’ve decided to go. Up to the North Island. For good. And being a bit slower in my actions as well (I am in New Zealand after all – where no one is in a hurry) it also took a while to implement those choices – I couldn’t leave without going for one last ski, saying good-byes to my friends and of course some minor catastrophes on my way up north. I’ll tell you more in some separate posts below.

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