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A proper ski a day keeps the doctor away

Big news of the day: I went skiing. And it was so good! But how did that happen? I woke up this morning, hearing all the early morning busyness in our house, everybody packing their things, trying to get to the staff van on time and i secretly felt sorry for myself that I couldn’t go up. But wait! Who said I couldn’t? Within minutes I decided to also go up to Cardrona and found myself on top of the hill an hour later. Already carrying my gear to the staff area was a mission and I had to stop and rest multiple times. It already dawned on me that no skiing was going to happen in that state so I had coffee with ski instructor friends first, then did some paper work for ski school, had lunch with the mates, etc. It would have been weird to be up there without skiing so I finally gathered all my powers and went for a ride on the – hold on: beginner’s – chairlift. Once that went sweet I even dared to go over to Captain’s Basin where I found some good conditions and faces I hadn’t skied before. I got so excited that fainting wasn’t even an issue any more – I had a blast. So today’s lesson: sometimes all you need when being sick is a proper ski and you’ll instantly feel better. Friday race training? I’m in!


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