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The art of sleeping – or how I ended up in hospital…

Phew, has it seriously been one month since I last posted? I must have seemed like swallowed up by earth to most of you but – in my defense – apart from being quite busy at work and with social life I was mostly busy with being sick and asleep. Big style sick. Hospital-like sick. And literally asleep around the clock. The good news is I am on the road of recovery and feeling better everyday – time to update you guys on life in New Zealand! What happened during the last couple of weeks? What got me so sick? Why was I working so much? Is it worth it to sacrifice your health and balance for work? And why do I still keep falling asleep now? Many stories to be told – but first it’s time for some more sleep… and when I rise tomorrow I’ll prepare you a big style update from life in New Zealand – and hospital. Have a fantastic weekend everyone!




  1. Hi liebe Eva, ich hoffe sehr dass es dir wieder recht gut geht – und sende dir gaaaaaaanz liebe Grüsse von Buenos Aires nach Neuseeland! Bis bald und alles Liebe, Nina

    • Liebe Nina, tausend Dank für deine Wünsche – hat gewirkt! Mir geht’s schon viel besser. Habe heute ausführlich in eurem Blog gestöbert und bin begeistert. Ihr macht es genau richtig! Weiter so und schöne Reise weiterhin. Alles Liebe von Neuseeland nach Argentinien. Eva

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