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International Dinner at our house

Following our payday dinners and lots of food talk during our lunch breaks we recently came up with the idea of having an international dinner at our house – where everybody had to bring a culinary delight from their country. And I have to admit that I am amazed by the cooking skills of my fellow ski instructors: The Americans brought Mac & Cheese plus Apple pie for dessert, Slovakia was present with Herula (a delicious potato-based dish), Slivovitz (similar to Schnaps) & Apfelstrudel (Plagiarism!), the Italian girls brought Pizza, Jo from New Zealand made a delicious bread loaf filled with onion dip, Argentina provided delicious Tarta de Atùn, Nicola – the Austrian-English colleague – brought berry pie, Sanna from Sweden made delicious Köttbullar med brunsås and Kanelbullar for dessert (one of my favourites) and Austria was represented by Apfelstrudel & Radler. Oh, and we really appreciated the effort from the English girls – by bringing along a can of baked beans, crackers and shortbread from the UK. Breakfast today consisted of leftovers – but no way I could have the baked beans. Sorry, girls!
International Dinner
It was a hilarious night – also thanks to our Argentinian roommate Rooster who turned out to be all in one – talented chef, entertainer, skilled DJ (Lambada!) & light jockey. Thanks to everybody who came by and joined the fun, thanks for providing delicious food and sharing your country’s delicacies. How about we do that again some time soon? I promise I’ll organise some extra chairs – I was never good at maths but even to me it was obvious that six chairs are not enough for thirteen people.

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