Cardrona, Mountains
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Working like crazy during the school holidays


The title probably says it all…. Phew! Those were a couple of busy weeks at work while seemingly whole Australia and New Zealand came up to our ski field for their school holidays. On one hand I enjoyed being busy and having lots of work but on the other hand many things got left behind, such as updating this little blog here. But: The school holidays are over, I have two days off right now and plenty of time to tell you everything that happened during the last couple of weeks. Let the posting marathon begin!

PS: The picture above is a little insight into daily ski instructor life: This is what my schedule can look like when I check it in the morning – it tells me what I am booked for when and with who. Good thing that they also book a time slot for lunch, otherwise some ski instructors could have starved over the school holidays. But no worries Mum & Dad – they took good care of us here and make sure we don’t work too much.

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