Cooking & Eating, Social Life in a Ski Town
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Payday Dinner with the ski instructor girls


It all started when our lovely Italian colleagues Manuela & Selina were looking for the best pizza in town. They asked me if I wanted to join them in their quest and test Francesca’s – a local pizzeria in Wanaka. Eventually more and more girls joined in and we ended up being fourteen female ski instructors from six countries. We had a lush dinner, enjoyed good talks, the occasional glass of wine, drinks at the bar next door after that and some of us finished the night at a local house party. We agreed that it was well deserved and that we should treat ourselves more often – from now we will repeat our girls dinner fortnightly, always after payday. Next time: Japanese!

PS: Did you notice how all the blondes sit on one side of the table and all the brunettes on the other side? Coincidence, I promise! We were not aware of it…

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