Dog, Wanaka
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Meet Davie, the South Island version of Ruby and my temporary dog for this season

IMG_20130628_205857 IMG_20130628_101152 IMG_20130628_205522

I really enjoyed taking care of Ruby, the dog, whilst in Auckland so the other day I had this idea of going to find a Ruby replacement in Wanaka. My first idea was talking to the vet and ten minutes later I had found my perfect companion for this winter: Davie, a five-year-old Golden Lab. It only took a quick phone call to his owner and she agreed that I could take Davie out for walks, hikes and runs whenever I want because she has issues with her ankle and can’t walk him any more. I met her the day after, spent a lovely morning at her house and went for a long walk along the waterfront with Davie. Turns out we get along pretty well and had an amazing time fooling around. Anyway, these are some pictures of our walk and his absolutely cute face. Turns out he loves water just as much as Ruby does… Looking forward to many more walks with this cutiepie.

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